Diversity and Inclusion

The American College of Healthcare Executives has undertaken a number of initiatives to further diversity within ACHE and the healthcare management field. To read ACHE’s statement on diversity, click here.

The ACHE of Central Florida Chapter supports the goals and initiatives of ACHE, and strives to foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the chapter and among local healthcare organizations. The Central Florida Chapter has outlined the following goals and tactics to promote diversity and inclusion in 2014:

Tactics for Diversity & Inclusion Committee 2017

  • To promote D & I in our BOD Face-to-Face meetings with a 2 or 3 minute presentation
  • Conduct an ongoing assessment of diversity in our chapter area
  • Encourage recruitment of minorities in collaborating with Membership committee
  • Collaborate with the Communication Committee to generate a LinkedIn discussion on the topic of diversity in healthcare
  • Work with the Student Committee to host programs on diversity
  • Chapter will work within the framework as outlined by ACHE related to promoting diversity


  • Create a survey to gain insight into perceptions of diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Increase visibility of the chapter through community activities
  • Maintain vitality of D & I through different activities through the chapter and BOD meetings
  • Work with the Program Committee to ensure diversity on our Educational Program.

Additionally, the chapter has outlined a strategic plan to guide our initiatives related to diversity and inclusion in the future. To review the strategic plan, click here.

The Central Florida Chapter board of directors participated in diversity training in July 2014. A copy of the presentation prepared by Aurora Realin and Sheila Ortiz is available for review, click here.