Benefits of Chapter Membership with ACHE of Central Florida

The ACHE of Central Florida Chapter, a 2019 Chapter Distinction Awardee, with over 600+ members, provides educational programs, local information, and volunteering and networking opportunities to help you develop crucial leadership skills to stand out in this dynamic healthcare environment.  Our Chapter also provides senior level executives and other established leaders opportunities to give back to the profession.  You will also have access to local education programs that qualify for ACHE Face-to Face Education Credits.


There is no better time to expand your network.  Being involved with the ACHE of Central Florida Chapter, you will find a number of opportunities to connect with healthcare leaders at every career stage.

  • Strengthen your leadership skills as you share experiences, challenges, and successes with new professional contacts, mentors, and friends.
  • Develop relationships with executives who share your commitment in our community.
  • Meet local healthcare associates at Chapter meetings and events.
  • Increase your local professional contacts.

Connecting to Learn   

Now more than ever you need to make the most of every resource to become a more effective professional.  The ACHE of Central Florida Chapter provides a wide variety of educational programs and events close to home designed to fit your professional development goals, schedule, and budget.

  • Attend the Central Florida Chapters educational programs without incurring hefty travel expenses.
  • Earn ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits that count toward earning or recertifying your FACHE credential.
  • Make recommendations to the Central Florida Chapter and receive education on the topics that meet your needs.

Connect to Lead                                            
If you are ready to take on new leadership roles, The ACHE of Central Florida Chapter is ready to support you.  Take advantage of volunteer opportunities, career management resources and educational programs that are close to home to develop crucial leadership skills.

  • Serve on a chapter committee or task force
  • Volunteer for leadership opportunities locally
  • Be recognized as a leader in the community

Connect to Advance   

Whether you are just beginning your career, are in transition, or on the path to earning your FACHE credential, your ACHE of Central Florida Chapter is here to help!  Take advantage of the career management tools and local resources to help you advance to the next level.

  • ACHE’s exclusive career resources such as ACHE’s online job bank and resume posting service
  • Member-only website that includes online education
  • Cutting edge research studies
  • Earning Fellowship board certification in the field of healthcare (FACHE)

Board of Governors

Among the criteria for becoming a Fellow is passing the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management. Go to the Exam Overview and Exam Outline bullet points in the Click here for the Board of Governors Examination area for more information.

Fellow Advancement Webinars

Register for an upcoming Fellow advancement webinar

Fellow advancement webinars provide a general overview of the advancement to Fellow process, which includes, the Board of Governors Examination and allows participants to ask questions about the advancement process.

For more information contact the Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400.

Membership Applications

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