Fellow ACHECF members.  A lot of college students affiliated with our chapter have asked if ACHECF has a mentoring program.  Additionally, I’ve been contacted by 3-4 early and mid-careerists inquiring about a chapter mentoring program.


The short answer is:  we currently do not have a formal mentoring program.  A chapter mentoring program usually consists of an application process, formal matching of mentors/mentees, and is about a 6-7 month long formal process.  A couple of years ago ACHECF did have a mentoring program.  As I inquired about the past program to ACHECF leaders and folks who went through the program as mentees, I got “mixed reviews” as to the success of the program.   


Serving our members requires ACHECF to provide the leadership development structure:  educational offerings, networking opportunities, and career development venues; while the general membership requirement is to “actively contribute and participate” in the chapter by:  taking advantage of program offerings, using national ACHE resources to broaden their understanding of healthcare leadership, and to demonstrate service-leadership by volunteering for chapter leadership positions or student engagement opportunities.


We have named our approach to serving our members:  “Member Investment Program (MIP).  MIP is comprised of a three-pronged strategy to engage:  students, mid-level careerists, and seasoned members.  Here’s an overview of MIP:


FIRST:  Utilize National Resources


  1. The ACHE Mentor Program.  ACHECF leadership asks all mid-level and senior careerist members to sign up to be a mentor with ACHE.  The national program is well established and is a great resource our chapter members can take advantage of now.  ACHE strives to match individuals in geographic proximity to one another, so mentors have a great likelihood of being matched with a mentee in the central Florida area.  Some of our ACHECF leaders are currently mentoring members through the ACHE national program.  Both mentors and mentees can access forms at  This program is not available to student and unemployed members.


  1. ACHE:  Career Edge.  Career Edge is an awesome resource that ACHE provides at no cost to members.  It is a unique, interactive and comprehensive tool for planning and managing your career.  Career Edge is a comprehensive toolkit with self-assessment tools, books, and resources. Check out information on Career Edge at



SECOND:  Use the ACHE Career Advising Network (CAN):  The CAN is a national ACHE resource for members who want to be career adviser volunteers, and for members who are seeking advice.  CAN volunteers can share information and advice about career transitions, specific job specialty questions, and key contacts to subject-matter-experts in specialty areas.  Members seeking advice can get talk to a volunteer that understands the specific specialty or career track you’re interested in.  CAN is available to all members, including college/university students and unemployed/transitioning members.  You can sign up on the ACHE website for CAN at Career Advising Network


THIRD:  Engage Students:  We want college/university students to actively participate in ACHECF and realize the value of professional affiliation.  The ACHECF Board does recognize the importance of engaging the next generation of healthcare leaders and has a formal position on the Board –  the Student Representative – that focuses specifically on student needs.  The current ACHECF Board Student Representatives are Katie Budrawich and Zubin Sethi.  Their role is to work with the Board to implement mentoring/learning opportunities and be the conduit between the student community and the chapter.  Some of the activities being worked in 2020 are:


    • Student mixers 
    • Career Development Workshop 
    • Student learning sessions



I ask all members to engage in the ACHECF Membership Investment Program.


Please contact Vic Rosenbaum, FACHE at for more information on participating in the mentorship program.